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Recent projects

Freshwater surveys
Conservation assessments of the benthic macroinvertebrate fauna of rivers, canals, ponds and wetlands with respect to proposed road schemes, developments, mineral extraction and channel realignment.

Survey and evaluation of aquatic macroinvertebrate assemblages of grazing marsh ditch systems, as part of Avon Wildlife Trust’s North Somerset Wetland Programme.

An evaluation of the ecological status of a network of ponds with respect to restoration scenarios.

Environmental appraisal evaluating the catchment impacts from surface water abstraction.

Hydro-electric scheme freshwater ecological assessment; evaluation of residual flow scenarios.

Grazing marsh conservation status assessment based on the water beetle assemblage, using fidelity and Species Quality Scores and presence of rare and scarce species.

Spring-fed stream fauna sensitivity to aquifer extraction assessment; utilising macroinvertebrate and River Habitat Surveys.

Conservation assessment at the landscape level of mixed permanent and ephemeral aquatic habitats.

Protected species surveys; calcareous wetland surveying for the presence of Vertigo moulinsiana Desmoulin’s Whorl Snail.

Assessment of the impacts and subsequent recovery of aquatic fauna following anthropogenic discharges into waterbodies.

Analyses of multiple stressors in a lowland catchment.

Environmental data analyses

Production of manuscript 'Smith, P., Snook, D., Muscutt, A. and Smith, A. (2010) Effects of a diesel spill on freshwater macroinvertebrates in two urban watercourses, Wiltshire, UK. Water and Environment Journal 24: 249-260.'

Analyses of the phosphorus transport through a lowland agricultural catchment using export coefficient modelling.

A spatial and temporal statistical presentation of water quality data of an urban catchment.

Production of manuscript 'Snook, D.L. and Whitehead, P.G., (2004) Water quality and ecology of the River Lee: mass balance and a review of temporal and spatial data. Hydrology and Earth System Science 8 (4); 636-650.'

Exploratory analyses of country-wide and European biological water quality datasets.

Joint projects

Large projects are undertaken in collaboration with a network of specialists. Web sites of companies we are associated with:

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