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Dr Debbie Snook CBiol, MRSB, CEnv, MCIEEM

Profession Freshwater ecologist/hydro-ecologist

Current positions
Consultant Freshwater Ecologist: Aseda
Associate: Aquatonics Ltd.
Associate: Water Resource Associates Ltd.
Key experience

Dr. Snook is a Chartered Biologist and Chartered Environmentalist with over 25 years experience within aquatic ecology. Experience has focused on the hydro-ecology of freshwater environments, investigating and resolving water quality problems, habitat restoration and amelioration, and ecosystem community dynamics.

Career summary

Experience within the commercial sector as a consultant freshwater ecologist for 14 years; launched Aseda in 2003.

Several years of research experience, most recently as a Research Fellow at the Aquatic Environments Research Centre based at Reading University.

Other roles have been within regional planning, government and voluntary bodies. Though working primarily in the UK, Dr Snook has undertaken projects within temperate, alpine and tropical habitats.


PhD 'Macroinvertebrate communities in alpine glacier-fed streams: The Taillon catchment in the French Pyrénées.' The University of Birmingham. EU Arctic and Alpine Stream Ecosystem Research. (2000).

Environmental Sciences (2.1). University of East Anglia. (1987).

Professional affiliation

Chartered Biologist, Member of the Royal Society of Biology
Chartered Environmentalist, Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
Freshwater Biological Association
British Ecological Society

Recent publications

Smith, P., Snook, D., Muscutt, A. and Smith, A. (2010) Effects of a diesel spill on freshwater macroinvertebrates in two urban watercourses, Wiltshire (UK). Water and Environment Journal. 24: 249-260.

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Snook, D.L. and Whitehead, P.G. (2004) Water quality and ecology of the river Lee: mass balance and a review of temporal and spatial data. Hydrology and Earth System Science. 8 (4): 636-650

Snook, D.L. and Milner, A.M. (2002) Biological traits of macroinvertebrates and hydraulic conditions in a glacier-fed catchment (French Pyrénées). Archiv für Hydrobiology, 153(2): 245-271.

Flynn, N.J., Snook, D.L., Wade, A.J. and Jarvie, H.P. (2002) Macrophyte and periphyton dynamics in a UK Cretaceous chalk stream: the River Kennet, a tributary of the Thames. The Science of the Total Environment, 282-283: 143-157.

Wade, A.J., Whitehead, P.G., Hornberger, G.M. and Snook, D.L. (2002) On modelling the flow controls on macrophyte and epiphyte dynamics in a lowland catchment: River Kennet, southern England. The Science of the Total Environment, 282-283: 375-393.

Snook, D.L. and Milner, A.M. (2001) The influence of glacial runoff on stream macroinvertebrates in the Taillon catchment, French Pyrénées. Freshwater Biology, 46: 1609-1623.

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Lods-Crozet. B., Lencioni, V., Ólafsson, J.S., Snook, D.L., Velle, G., Brittain, J.E., Castella, E., Rossaro, B. (2001) Chironomid (Diptera: Chironomidae) communities in six European glacier-fed streams. Freshwater Biology, 46: 1791-1809.

Snook, D.L. and Milner, A.M. (2000) Macroinvertebrates in glacier-fed streams in the French Pyrénées. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 27: 731-734 (presented at the XXVII SIL Congress, 8-14 August 1998, Dublin, Ireland).


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