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Welcome to Aseda


Aseda is a specialist consultancy offering a wide range of freshwater aquatic surveys in both still and flowing water, and the graphical and statistical analyses of environmental data.

Aseda’s expertise includes

  • The role of stream hydraulics in benthic communities
  • Water quality and quantity assessments
  • Alpine aquatic ecology
  • Nutrient transport within aquatic systems
  • Macrophyte epiphyte dynamics
  • Conservation status of aquatic species
  • Assessment of ecological quality in relation to the Water Framework Directive
  • Invasive and injurious aquatic and wetland plants
  • Ecological Impact Assessment of aquatic habitats, and
  • River Corridor and River Habitat Surveys

Clients include private sector companies, regulatory bodies, conservation organisations and academic departments. Examples of the work undertaken by Aseda are provided on the projects page.

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